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Reasons Why You Deserve Pizza

When you think about your comfort food what comes to your mind? Among a lot of dishes to choose from, pizza has always been the go-to food for every mood and occasion. When hunger strikes and your stomach looks for something quick and tasty, pizza seeks the winning position.

On days of celebration or trouble, the warm steam from a pizza box gives a certain feeling of relief and solace. Admit it — there's a little excitement whenever you hear the doorbell ring, and see a familiar guy with a cap, holding a warm box (or boxes, no judgment) of pizza.

With this list are a number of reasons, among a thousand — why you should definitely order pizza ASAP:

  1. You deserve a reward for your hard work.
After a long week of meetings, phone calls, site visits, and brainstorming, you totally deserve the warm comfort of pizza! Time to reward yourself for all the best efforts exerted! When you get to reward yourself after a lot of hard work, it’ll help you stay motivated for what's ahead. 
  1. It’s perfect to share with your family and friends.
Food brings people together and none more so than pizza! Although it’s tempting to keep a mouthwatering pizza all to yourself, it’s way more fun to share happiness with friends and family makes that entire experience even better. Sharing is caring!
  1. There’s nothing to eat at home.

You're hungry, your stomach is growling and your fridge is empty. It’s the perfect time to order pizza for delivery! With just a call or a few taps, you can order for delivery right away!  Pizza shops even offer cashless delivery so no hassle, right? While you're at it— you can even set the mood with some tunes with a playlist for every mood.

  1. You are just craving pizza.

Sometimes, you don’t even need a reason to order a pizza other than you are just craving a tasty meal. Plus, you have a lot of varieties and flavors to choose from depending on your preferences. Every meal would be better if it were pizza!

  1. Pizza always hits the spot.

Pizza never fails to satisfy your taste buds. There's just something about these pies—with their doughy crusts and combination of toppings that come together for a party in the mouth with each bite. You can even eat it any way you want—from bottom to top, tip to the crust, and all the ways in between. In fact, even though you’re full, you may find yourself reaching for one more slice because it’s just so good and you don’t want any of it to go to waste.


Easy to say, pizza has no reason why you don't deserve it. Now enough reading, go grab yourself a slice at AllAmerican! Aside from 16 different pizza flavors, you can choose from other comfort food to go with your cravings such as burgers, pasta, and chicken!

You can order for delivery through or call 0999-88-ALLAM (25526). AllAmerican also delivers via Grab, foodpanda, and Pick-A-Roo.

Not only will your tummy be filled with scrumptious pizza, but your brain will reward you with plenty of feel-good hormones that will hook you into eating more!

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